10th Avenue Teas
10th Avenue Teas 10th Avenue Teas 10th Avenue Teas
$ 12.00

Enjoy A Great Cup Of Tea - No Strings Attached

100% Natural & Delicious
Unlike other instant teas, our teas have no fillers, additives, preservatives or sugars. 10th Avenue Tea blends natural tea extract, natural Matcha tea and natural fruit extract. We source only premium ingredients for our teas that result is a rich, complex flavor.

No more plastic wrapped tea boxes, tea wrappers, tea bags, strings and staples. Considering that over 50 billion tea bags are used each year, think of how much waste would be saved by drinking 10th Avenue Tea
You can make 10th Avenue Tea hot, iced, weak, strong. Simply shake into your favorite smoothie, oatmeal, yogurt, or cocktail.

Convenient & Mess-free
With our tea, there are no messy wrappers, dripping teabags, or loose tea leaves, and no strainer to clean. Just shake to your desired strength and drink. It's that simple.

No Spoon Required
Shake the powder into your cup and then add water; no stirring necessary.

Enjoy Full-Leaf Tea
Our tea combines the taste of traditional tea with the earthiness of matcha. Since matcha is the actual tea leaf ground into a fine powder, it is not meant to dissolve completely. That is our favorite part, so drink it up and enjoy the benefits of consuming full-leaf tea.