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Essence of Love is a Universal language and kindness is a virtue. Take on each day with the Essence Of Love Infused with Lavender Essential Oil to lighten your mood, and pretty Rose Quarts Crystals to promote Self Love, Friendship and feelings of Peace

Bye Bye Bad Vibes, go that away! This is Our Liquid Sage, Infused with Sage Essential Oil to Rid all negative Energy and Cucumber Melon Essential Oil to keep out nasty Toxins. All held together by Negative repelling Tourmaline Crystals.

Prosprity Mist is one of our Best selling products! Infused with Sage to disspell negative energy, along with lemongrass for inspiration! All held together by Citrine Crystals which Welcomes Prosperity and the energy of expansion!


This smells absolutely Wonderful! Don't hold yourself back, Hold yourself up with a breathe of fresh air. Take the leap, Create an Opportunity! * All Elixirs are 100% Organic, Reusable and Eco Friendly.