Denise Jaxon - The Story Goddess

Denise Jaxon - The Story Goddess

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If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, a movie, a play, penning a journal or your family memoirs, then this is for you.

Join our Write and Sip session and kick off the year discovering the writer within!

Come explore the joy of writing with award winning screenwriter and published playwright, Denise Jaxon, The Story Goddess©

Launch your writing goals in a fun, friendly, easy learning environment while unlocking your inner creative genius.

Conquer writers block, tackle technique, and break story as you sip your favorite wine and find the writer in YOU!

Introductory Meet and Greet is Wednesday, February 5-March 18, 2020, 6:00pm:

Pay what you can donations accepted.

Join six fun-filled, informative sessions of Write AND Sip with Denise Jaxon, The Story Goddess© where you’ll be emerged into the wonderful world of writing, and be guided step by step toward the completion of your first written work.