Drusy Ring
Drusy Ring Drusy Ring Drusy Ring Drusy Ring
$ 60.00

Drusy Ring

Our druzy rings are 100% natural and every piece of our druzy jewelry is truly one of a kind!

Whether you refer to them as drusy, druze, druse or drusie these glittering rocks are sought-after by jewelry lovers from around the world.

A druzy is sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone. There are many types of druzy, because there are many types of minerals. Each type of druzy has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color. Quartz is one of the most common druzy types because of the prevalence of silica throughout the world. No matter what mineral forms the druzy, the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar. The tiny crystals are considered beautiful because, like large gemstones, they glitter and catch rays of light.