Smoked Olive Oil - Cape Treasures
Smoked Olive Oil - Cape Treasures

Smoked Olive Oil - Cape Treasures

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A lightly smoked 'dressing' or finishing oil made from buttery, sweetly fragrant South African grown olives.

It tastes as good as it looks - the light cold-smoke (from the shavings of reconditioned oak wine barrels) brings out the butter flavours in the oil: its mellow, smooth and unctuous - perfect to bring out the best flavours in food.

Smoked Olive Oil works with wheat: as a dipping oil for fresh bread or as a dressing on fresh, home made pasta. Its magical with seared red peppers, mild black olives and cheese with Mediterranean herbs.

Make a Ribeye steak exceptional: after flame grilling, paint the steak on all sides with a light coating of Smoked Olive Oil - rest the steak for a few minutes and serve.

Dress steamed green beans with a splash of Smoked Olive Oil - its pure flavour-sorcery - many people will claim to taste an array of flavours - from butter, to mushrooms and toasted nuts!