Wave By Delfina Marquez-Noe
$ 500.00

The most successful, continuous series is the Jazz and Blues musicians and vocalists. I call these "soul portraits. " My intent is to honor them and their contribution to our world and to shed light on the soulful qualities of these creative geniuses. I listen to music when I paint and summon the creative force that guides me through the process. This is not just paint, canvas and wood—this is love. BACKGROUND
Associate Fine Arts from Mount San Antonio College 1976
Centrol City Occupational Center, Trained on Mergentholer Linoterm Direct Entry Typesetter
Otis Parson School of Deign, Los Angeles, studied Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Signage and Fabric Design
Plott College, Los Angeles, Studied Graphic Design. Certified •n Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign, and Quark Xpress
2002 - As Art Director for The Golef Institute, o school reform institute, received Partnership for Academic Achievement Storbright Award: Outstand'ng Contribution to the Art ond Science of Teaching and Learning
Professional Fine Artist - Pointed ond exhibited for 44 years, inc Uding student exhibit ot age 15 ct the Los Angeles County Musecum of Art, E Museo de el Chomizal, Mexico 1997, ArtiCulture Gallery 1 998, The Wellness Center Artspoce 2004, 2009, and 2012

Delfina Marquez-Noe