Raku Dreamcatcher Jar

Raku Dreamcatcher Jar

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Raku Dream Jar

The semi-precious stone lid holds a scroll of paper that reads:

"A dream is a promise you give to yourself or share with someone you love. It is a treasure more precious than gold. This Dream Jar is the perfect place for the shining dreams it can hold. So put all your deep, heartfelt wishes inside, where they will never be too far away. And you will find what you dream closer and closer each day."
Today, the process of Raku involves taking pottery out of a kiln while it is still red-hot. Then the pottery is placed into containers containing combustibles that ignite. Such an extreme environment creates a vibrant, otherworldly piece of pottery - that could never be re-created. This uncontrollable element of Raku is what makes the process so exciting for potters and collectors.  
In Tecate, CA., potter Jeremy Diller uses an outdoor kiln that reaches 2000 degrees to create his striking designs, like these "Dream Jars".

2" Dream Jar with Copper Crystal Decoration On Lid
4" Dream Jar with Copper Crystal Decoration On Lid
6" Dream Jar with Copper Crystal Decoration On Lid