The Days Dated Books

A Monday morning ride to the valley brought Gail and I to a most unusual almost clandestine destination. GPS taking us directly to the warehouse of Eric Chaim Kline Bookseller, we arrived a bit breathless from taking the stairs and upon entering – rendered totally breathless…

As far as the eye could see, floor to ceiling, book shelves galore, there were books! Vintage, out of print, one of a kind, numerous volumes of religious and holy books. There were art books depicting the world’s most precious and treasured artifacts; books to tell anyone and everyone anything they ever wanted to know about everything. Books to tell you something to peak your interest – to seed and fertilize the mind. There were books!

Gail and I began the arduous task of hand picking books that we believed our clientele would enjoy and purchase for their homes, offices and present to others as a gift. It took hours but it seemed like only minutes because these books were unbelievably incredible, and after copying each respective cover, carefully counting and cataloging our bounty, we humbly faced Eric with sincere appreciation for his sharing the books with us.

Now cutting to the chase, you’ve got to come to spend some time perusing the treasurers. We’re sure the rarities will appeal to your interests and we look forward to welcoming you in to our new world at Cultural Interiors West.