Flying White Rocking Horse

Flying White Rocking Horse

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Flying White Porcelain Rocking Horse

Size: 5"L x 2"W x 3.5"H

According to A Green Horse information blog the human fascination with horses dates back to our caveman ancestors and perhaps beyond. No other creature has shaped the history of man like that of the horse. With the diffusion of the horse, it found its way into the deepest facets of human culture. From the first horse that labored for man to the most precise event winner, the loyalty, power and strength of character have the horse ranking high marks of honor and admiration with man.

The beauty, elegance, and spirit of the horse are a source of inspiration, creating thoughts capable of carrying one to faraway places. They abound in the stories man has carried with him through time. The horse easily wins a special seat in history, and naturally it has figured strongly in our stories. The value of the horse is historically present in many narratives often making the horse an icon in man's own history. There is enough horse lore to fill shelves and shelves with narrative, both in work and art and below are just a few stories expressing the force the horse has left on our lives.

The never-ending influence the horse bestows upon the world’s cultures leaves man with feelings of respect, value and affection.

This adorable flying rocking horse is a symbol of "freedom". It  will make the perfect gift for a desk, table or mantel.