Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt
Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt
Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt
Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt

Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt

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Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt

Handmade Throw Reversible Blanket Bedspread Cotton Fabric Bohemian Quilt

Vintage from before 2000
Materials: Cotton
Bed size: twin us

Width: 55 inches
Length: 85 inches


Width: 106 inches

Length: 106 inches

Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilt - The Indian handmade art of making a quilt by using vintage cotton fabric, sewing together.

Making of a vintage quilt – There is a long process to making a vintage quilt. First we collect the vintage cotton fabric for making these quilts. These Quilts made by the women’s with just three layers of vintage cotton fabric which has been quilted together with little stitches by hands known as kantha. These vintage quilts are made by rural women from Rajasthan in India. They work hard throughout day and night making these quilts sew the multiple layers providing a vibrant look to the quilts. After spending hours and hours daily on a single quilt. A woman takes anytime between 5-12 days to complete one quilt. Both sides of this quilt made up of 100% cotton and bright color floral designs. Each of the quilt is unique and is one of a kind which makes these quilt blankets special. The beauty on both sides of quilt with closure fine kantha work makes it cool, vibrant and beautiful.

Note - Since these are made from vintage cotton saris (5-20 Yrs old), rare stains or some imperfections are expected. These imperfections are the beauty of vintage quilts and are considered their specialty. Since the kantha quilts are made from vintage saris so there are no two quilts would be the same. We shall send assorted colors and designs for any color preference email/message us after submitting your order and we shall accommodate the request if the same colors are available. Also please wash the quilts in the in the cool water including detergent powder for better results.

All these quilts are ethically made and no child is ever used in the manufacturing process


Size: - 85x55 Inch ( 216 X 139 cm ) approx.

Fabric:- Cotton Vintage Fabric.

Wash Care: Light Hand wash in cool water.